Pallet Management

Total Pallet Management

A full-service approach for the pallet needs of the export industry, especially banana export. We purchase, warehouse, repair and retrieve/monitor pallets for our customers.

Usage Fee programs

Rental and Usage Fee programs

Designs pallet rental and usage fee programs suited for customer's requirements.

Outright Sale

Outright Sale of Pallets

Offers pallets which cater to our customer's needs, whether standard or customized sizes.

Pallet Tracking System

Online Pallet Tracking System

PTS is an online pallet-monitoring system. It facilitates automated pallet inventory monitoring to prevent losses.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Operates top-of-the-line HT and vacuum treatment systems and equipment to address infestation and the treatment of wood packaging materials in compliance with ISPM 15 for export phytosanitary requirement. Our HT is certified and accepted by all countries that have adopted the IPPC ISPM 15 regulation. We can also provide phytosanitary documents.

Our Products

Japan 01/12 Pallet

T12 Pallet

ME Breakbulk Pallet

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